White House Heritage Art Club

White  House Heritage  Art  Club

Grade Level: 9th -12th      Advisor: Teresa Grooms

Art Club is open to any High School students desiring the opportunity to be
visually creative.
  Students that have a serious interest in  Visual Art are
invited to participate.
  Art Club members do not have to be enrolled in current
art classes to participate in Art Club.

 Exciting things to know about Art Club:

Open Studio Activities:


Art Club After School:

Work in the Art Studio Every Tuesday 3:00-4:30

  • We will discuss when after school activities will begin at our first meeting.
  • ***Always check with Ms. Grooms to make sure we are meeting after school every Tuesday!***

    Meetings and Activities are not required, but attendance is encouraged!

    Art Club Field Trip:     TBA  

  • Cost for field trips will be separate from all other fees but should not exceed $20.00.

     Art Club Dues are $10.00:

  • Covers cost of supplies OR bring your own supplies!