English I
Classroom # D103

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Text the number 81010 with your code: 
English 1 Standard: @eng1ragon 
English 1 Advanced: @adv1ragon 


Detailed assignments can be found in OneNote. Under the LESSON PLANS tab to the left, you'll find a list of documents. Lesson Plans will always be labeled LP_eng1_date. The date is for the Monday of that week. For weeks 1-2, Standard and Advanced have different documents, but starting on 8/19/19, both Advanced and Standard English 1 share one document. Advanced 1st block is on the first page, and Standard 4th block is on the second page.

English I curriculum is comprised of world literature, rich vocabulary, analytical writing, conventions and mechanics of the English language, and presentation skills, including public speaking. We will explore, analyze, and evaluate a variety of literature (from both our textbook and outside novels) through many methods of study; we will write regularly, for various purposes and with a wide-range of outcomes; we will study all forms of language; we will do research and present our findings to the class; and we will collaborate, learning from each other daily.