Theatre Arts
PRODUCTION = The Hallmarks of Horror
October 31, 2019 - high school and middle school performances during the school day
*Family/Community performance TBD*

Theatre Arts is an elective course that satisfies one art credit for students. In this course, we will learn about theatre history, acting, producing, directing, set design, and more. Students will be required to speak and perform on stage and memorize lines. Our curriculum will include but is not limited to relevant vocabulary, theatre concepts, small performance, and a final production. 

We have guest speakers scheduled to speak to our class and hopefully teach us some tricks of the trade, and we are hoping to take at least one field trip to see a stage production.

Please find LESSON PLANS under the Theatre Lesson Plans & Documents tab to the left. Lesson plans will always be labeled LP_theatere_date.

*MUCH of our assignments are in-class activities that cannot be made-up or duplicated; therefore, the lesson plan may not seem like much at all, but we ARE learning and working hard each and every day. Each day will include some form of acting or public speaking.


the number 81010 with your code: ragont


Classroom # D103 and Theater