Kelly Lockhart Cook

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Teacher Bio
Anywhere but West Virginia called Cook, so when it was time for college she packed up all her belongings into a 1977 orange Vega with a white racing stripe bolting down its side and headed to Middle Tennessee State University to study journalism. Thirty years, three college degrees, two education licenses, and one career later, she's now at White House Heritage!

Prior to becoming a teacher, Cook was an award-winning writer, editor, graphic artist, and marketing specialist. Now, she feels it is an honor to share her love of writing and speaking with her students. 

Cook and her husband have three children: a step-daughter who attends school at Greenbrier High School, a son at Maryville College, and a grown daughter who is an IT specialist for Metro-Nashville government. Decorating, reading, writing, and editing are hobbies for Cook when she's not grading papers.

She is very Patriot Proud!

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